Discovering the history, the production process and the benefits of the star of our gastronomy are some of the elements that you will be able to enjoy in a fully experiential itinerary.

We aspire to become an iconic experience in Spain through the dissemination and experience of the production of oil, a key product in the Mediterranean diet. Would you like to get to know us?


The guided tour is perfect for those who want to know a little more about the cultivation of the olive grove, its phases and plantation frames as well as the production of oil.

Guided tour

LA Organic Experience offers a guided tour of approximately 45 minutes along the farm surrounded by nature and surprises and sculptures designed by Philippe Starck.

Oil tasting

It is a perfect plan that culminates in a tasting of organic LA Organic oils in which you will learn how to differentiate between a soft oil (coupage 80% arbequina, picual and hojiblanca) and an intense oil (100% hojiblanca).


1. Car park: A 3000m2 car park in which guests will find a photograph exhibition to enjoy

2. Greenhouse/Invernadero: The itinerary itself begins with a visit to the Greenhouse, a 500 m2 greenhouse that includes different spaces and contains a handcrafted olive mill. Here you will watch a video on the history of olive oil and its production process.

3. Organic Garden: The visit continues with a splendid garden where seasonal food is grown, designed by Floren Domezain the ‘King of Vegetables’.

4. Organic vineyard: Continuing with the organic crops, the visit advances towards a vineyard of 100% Pinot Noir grapes where you will discover the history of the production of wine in Ronda during Roman times.

5. Fruit tree garden: You then can walk through a garden of fruit trees where you will find all kinds of trees (orange, quince, peach, plum, lemon, apricot, apple and fig trees).

6. Doña Lola Chapel: After the walk fruit tree walk, we will visit a small chapel from the late nineteenth century that has been recently renovated that belonged to a local doctor and upon his death, was donated by his widow, Doña Lola, to the religious order of the Salesians.

7. Variety walk: One of the most important points of the itinerary is the Variety Walk, where you can enjoy a stroll down a path surrounded by olive groves with up to 20 different varieties of olive tree from Spain, Greece, Portugal and other countries.

8. Plaza de la Carlota: At the end of the Variety Walk, you will arrive at the Plaza de la Carlota, with hundred-year-old olive trees wrapped in a carpet of rosemary and lavender: an explosion of sensations for sight and smell.

9. Greenhouse oil tasting: The visit ends with a tasting of LA Organic oils in which the visitor will enjoy and learn about the benefits and differences between the different types of the star product of Mediterranean gastronomy.